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Foot Heroes Club Drop

Unlike most NFT based games, FootHeroesClub welcomes new players to start playing for free immediately with a basic squad of players and take them to glory.

FootHeroesClub is a collection of 8.888 randomly and fully On-Chain generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain, 5 of them will be special editions of the collection. They have +250k possible combinations and a variety of facial expressions, outfits etc.

Accounts that will utilize FootHeroes, will have more opportunities to improve their and climb up the ranking ladder. Free accounts will also have reasonable opportunities to progress, engage, and have fun.

Foot Heroes Club Drop

  • FootHeros wants to put these real-life club structures and talent flow into the metaverse by allowing managers to combine local assets (Their NFTs) with importing outside stadiums, Gameplays, etc. to form the right squad for the manager.
  • Combining both NFTs assets into the gameplay will allow FootHero to grow and have a steady inflow of new passionate players that can start playing the game and earn $FCM in it for free (on tournaments, etc.), while incentives them if they have fun and want to participate in the transfer market more frequently to turn to sell or loan their NFTs and add more liquidity to the $FCM pool.

FootHeroesClub Drop March 20, 2022

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