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Hidden Boyz

HiddenBoyz is an NFT collection of 1,555 hand-drawn images.

Merch will be released as part of this collection consisting of T-shirts, hats, hoodies and collectibles.

Hidden Boyz

Alongside the NFT collection and Merch we will be providing the Hidden Merch Launchpad. This will allow us to help other projects and communities launch their own Merch.

Profits from the Merch and the Hidden Merch launchpad will be distributed to Hidden Boy holders.

With this collection, we hope to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds and by doing so become the go-to platform for other projects to do the same.

The Team

Team Members will be doxxed prior to mint. Below is a brief synopsis of each of our members.

HiddenSal (Founder & Designer)

Currently a freelance fashion and graphic designer. He has previously worked and advised for top brands and figures within the creative industry, from music artists to fashion brands; with a long personal client list and network within the industry. He is also working on a clothing brand of his own with celebrity affilitation.

Gee (Head of Marketing & Lead Developer)

Starting with his experience working in Marketing teams of sneaker reselling organisations, building impressive social media presence. He has previously built a YouTube channel amassing over 100k subscribers.

HiddenDon (Fashion Designer & Creative Assistance)

Currently works as a Visual Merchandiser and Buyer for a high fashion Concept store. He has been working on freelance fashion design projects whilst attending Fashion Design School. Outside of this, he has previously modelled for streetwear brands in the UK exposing him to the intricacies of fashion design.

Elro (Community Manager)

Currently working as a crypto asset tax specialist for a reputable chartered accountancy firm whilst simultaneously running a crypto/NFT discord that focuses on researching up-and-coming projects to invest in. He is also a content creator for a crypto based news site, educating readers on the fundamentals of crypto and FAQs within the space.

HiddenAde (Community Manager)

A recent graduate from Law School, he is now looking to qualify as a lawyer and begin his legal career. He was an advisor at the Law Clinic during his time at Law School, providing legal assistance to members of the community.


Hidden Boyz

Phase 1

  • Marketing
  • Website Mint
  • Listing on secondary markets
  • Rarity

Phase 2

  • Merch launch (graphic tees, hoodies, hats, collectible figures) — portion of the profits will be airdropped to holders
  • Release of 10 framed 1:1 HiddenBoyz. Verifiable through an NFC tag, proving the authenticity of the products
  • HiddenGirlz mint (holders of HiddenBoyz will be given whitelist and provided with a discounted mint)
  • HiddenGirlz Merch launch

Phase 3

  • Merch launchpad — portion of profits will be airdropped to holders Market merchandise and launchpad
  • Holder’s only collectibles including physical 3D models
  • Breeding system leading to HiddenBabyz

Hidden Boyz


Our Roadmap is just a glimpse into the future of Hidden Boyz, with infinite avenues ahead. We will run off a chapter by chapter basis, where every phase brings a new infrastructure and direction for the brand and it’s holders.


This will be primarily a whitelist mint consisting of our early followers, active members of discord and members of projects we have collaborated with.

  • 1,350 whitelist spots. 1 mint per wallet.
  • Remainder of supply from whitelist mint will be allocated for the public mint (205). Supply of 1,555 HiddenBoyz priced at 1.55SOL (depending on market conditions).

Whitelist tokens will not be distributed, this will be done through wallet addresses.

Hidden Merch

With experience in the fashion industry and fashion design, our designers have dedicated their skills and talent to products that people are happy to wear.

We have already partnered with our supplier, producing samples of some of the products we will deliver.

Hidden Boyz
Hidden Boyz

Hidden Merch Launchpad

With the experience of our design team alongside our links to suppliers we will be providing a service for other communities and projects to release their own merch. We will be working closely with these projects from design, production, sale and shipping. The Merch from these projects will also be purchasable through our website, meaning that projects can gain exposure from their products.

We truly believe in the power of the metaverse, however, we understand that a gap exists between the physical and the digital worlds.

Being able to create a physical presence which represents a community via merch will facilitate a system which allows projects to gain credibility within the NFT space, something which is so often doubted. Holders of a project can physically show their support for their community, creating a sense of cohesion within projects.

Hidden Boyz will bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Taking projects off the screen and introducing them into the real-world collectibles market.

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