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Hive Five

Disrupting philanthrobee by bringing fun and rewards to donors


Each bee has a different role, shared between :

  • Forager bee
  • Builder bee
  • Healing bee
  • Warrior bee
The role spectrum is dependent on the attributes. Each role-related attribute has a score that will increase the bee statistic.
Some fun and aesthetic attributes will not be related to roles.
For example, a bee statistics can look like this:
  • Warrior: 20%
  • Forager: 10%
  • Healing: 30%
  • Farmer: 40%
We chose the role spectrum to allow more variety in the bee’s supply and more variety in the gameplay of the future P2E.
The only exception is hive queens that will be 100% queen with fun and aesthetic attributes but legendary queens who will have specific attributes.
Statistics and roles will have utility in the future game.

There will be 30 queens in the total supply.

Queens will lead the Hive and will have to be protected by other bees in the game. They will give the global directions about wars, hive development and strategy.
5 of the 30 queens are Legendary queens. Each legendary queen holder will receive 6 AVAX per month for 6 months following the mint.
Right after the pre-sale, the secondary market will start on Kalao.
Hive Five Bee
The link to the collection will be announced via Twitter and Discord.
7% of the royalties will belong to the project and will be allocated as follows :
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