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Miners of Mars


Miners of Mars is a collection of algorithmically generated characters hand-drawn on paper and minted as NFTs on the Solana and Ethereum blockchain.

They never knew the impact of losing their home planet until they felt it in the depths of Mars.

Drilling Engineer Manuel Aronowsky, last day on the job, was tasked to calculate the exact time of their death.

With only 18 months left to live they decided to create this archive as the last evidence of human existence.

Powder Monkeys

Miners with caps & helmets represent collection within a collection. So, let’s take Bono as an example.

Bono’s suit represents occupation Mining Technician, but his helmet signifies that he is also part of the Powder Monkey Crew.

Powder Monkeys carry the explosives and assist the Shot Firers who carry out the controlled explosions.


What’s on the roadmap?

Please note that NFT space has a tendency to change. We will have to adapt to the growing space as we move forward with our roadmap. These are the main utilities we planned for the year 2022.

Miners of Mars Anthem
Songs and language strengthen the miners’ comradeship and “brotherhood”. So we have created the longest anthem in the history of humankind. It has 7000 different unique stanzas. Distributed as airdrop NFT to all holders.

The Bank of Mars
This will be our community wallet and will be tied directly to our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where members can cast votes on how/what the funds should be spent.

50% of the mint proceedings will be stored in the community wallet. This money will be used to bring more liquidity into the Bank. Most importantly we plan to heavily invest in the MoM brand. We do understand that without strong brand utilities and tokenomics have little value to the holder.

Game tokenomics is related to the traits (rarity points) and which gemstones miner finds in the mine. As soon as we release tokenomics you will start earning GEM, but you will also have an option to dig rare gemstones. The longer you stake the deeper you dwell into the mine. Deep mine is risky and you might get injured or break your tools, but you will have more chance of finding valuable gemstones.

With earned GEM token miners can mint the Women of Mars collection!

If you own both Miner and Women, you can use GEM tokens to mint a Kid of Mars. There will be only 3000 Kids of Mars.

If you own a Kid of Mars and GEM tokens you will have a chance to summon SemiGodz. King of all hear my call! Only 700 SemiGodz will ever exist. As we are already packed with the utilities, we are not expecting to release SemiGodz this year.


Please note that we are building adaptable and complex Tokenomics architecture, but most importantly we want to add value and enhance your ownership experience. For this reason, staking is NOT going to be available immediately after the mint.

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