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Mint free BabyBallerWale!

Only in the warmest currents of the Seven Seas in the Metaverse can you spot our kin happily enjoying all the best wonders of the world.

Don’t be surprised if you see us sipping on the most expensive whiskey, talking about the fine details of life… After all, ordinary little whales could never even find out about our Club. So, it is a huge honor to join us – but it is also an honor for us to have You. Show the world who you are by becoming a BallerWhale and seeking the best in life.

BWClubBallerWhale is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn programmatically generated NFT’s using hundreds of unique traits and accessories.

Only 5000 BabyBallerWhales will be available to mint for free from the site. Another 5000 BabyBallerWhales will drop on OpenSea after.

It is stored on the polygon network and covers a variety of crypto whales of popular coins in limited supply which adds to the NFT’s rarity.

Mint our free BabyBallerWale!

Mint BallerWale

Available on April 4th when it drops on Opensea.io



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