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Naughtiest NFT by NTC

The Naughty Teddies club is just the first step of an artistic NFT series.

The Naughty Teddies club is not only about stunning aesthetics. By minting a Naughty Teddy bear, you will be able to own an exclusive piece of art.


Additional collections and teddy evolutions may be released in the future. Early adopters will be rewarded for their dedication to my vision of bringing art into the metaverse.

Naughty Teddies Club

NTC NFT is created by a well-known artist around the world. The project provides fantastic utilities for the members of the club. All members and holders are able to participate in the events, tournaments & giveaways. Metaverse land game. Honey coin staking after project launch. We are going to make a donation worth of $50’000 to support the cause of xeroderma pigmentosum.

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