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Novilunium NFT

Every single NFT from the RaptOriginZ collection is a digital asset-backed by either:

= 1oz (1-ounce coin) of pure Silver
= 1/4oz of pure 24-karat Gold
= 1oz of pure Platinum
= 1oz of pure 24-karat Gold
= 1oz of pure 24-karat Gold + 1oz of pure Platinum
= 1oz of pure Silver + 1/4oz of pure 24-karat Gold +1oz of pure Platinum +1oz of pure 24-karat Gold 
NFT metal

Depending on the NFT you will hold!

All produced by the Swiss One Plus company will be stored in a safe from a private company based in Switzerland (established in 1990), and ready to be shipped if ever its owner wishes to proceed for an exchange.

If you are an owner of an NFT from the RaptOriginZ collection, you basically own the underlying physical precious metal which will be held by the Novilunium company.

Novilunium Rapt

How and why such an approach?

Thanks to a partnership that was signed with Swiss One Plus company.

Swiss One Plus, based in Geneva is the only company in the world to produce Swiss coins which contain an Aztec code (basically works like a QR code) which generates a certificate of authenticity in a PDF format through a smartphone app. Therefore, this process protects the coin from counterfeiting and allows the owner to have full traceability meaning it offers inimitable state-of-the-art technology!
This company is also the only one in the world to offer Golden and Platinum Swiss coins with a purity of 99.99%.
In other words, your NFTs will be exclusively redeemable for those exceptional products (coins)!


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