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Okoku NFT

OKU is a community that navigates ANIME PLATFORM, which helps talented artists come to the light in NFT space while creating utility for the holders.

OKOKU is web3 artist launchpad and marketplace.

OKOKU is a collection intended for anime art lovers that share euphoria over collecting anime art pieces by incredibly talented anime artists that OKOKU will recruit over the years. The idea is to create a community with its own little exclusive ecosystem, essentially like a platform that will recruit talented artists that maybe don’t have the funds to start the collection and give them a chance while creating utility for the holders. Every 4-6 weeks we would have the new artist with their anime concept, collections would have 1000 drawings and for every drop, OKOKU holders can raffle for the spots. Mint prices would stay low in the ranges of 0.025-0.04 ETH depending on the circumstances. We will be recruiting artists from all around the world, after OKOKU drop we will be making a special website dedicated to the ANIME Platform. There you will find all the information about the artists that are already on the platform as well as OKOKU holders will have exclusive access to this website. Exclusive access will be a voting system and a raffle system. Before any of the artists reach the platform, the OKOKU community will vote for the best of the best of what is presented on the website, you will be choosing the artists that appeal the most to you.

Besides raffling for the spots and having persistent whitelist spots for the best anime art that we will bring into the NFT space, 70% of the royalties from the platform will be directly given out to the community. We will constantly host giveaways in ETH prizes and NFT prizes exclusive to our community. These giveaways will be hosted in-between platform drops so OKOKU holders can always have something to look out for.

Additionally, to give our community even more, after the OKOKU launch we will be giving away 2 Azukis. One azuki is to be raffled to OKOKU holders and the second Azuki will be given away to the most passionate OKOKU member in our discord. It is worth mentioning that we will be buying a few more reputable NFTs from the open sea that our community will choose and we will be giving them away.

The first three collections will drop at the same time and the community will vote for the best anime artist within the OKOKU community and also raffle up for the spots.

We believe that an anime platform for artists is something inevitable to happen in the NFT space because anime represents an enormous fanbase, unfortunately, platforms for art, like Art Blocks do not support anime style. Art Blocks is a platform exclusively for “generic Art” and does not support the anime genre.


This concept will allow our community members to constantly have access to exclusive and high-quality anime art throughout the future. No more grinding for constant WL but owning OKOKU drawing will let you have exclusive access to anime artwork forever. Additionally, data reported that in 2021 alone 1 billion people watched at least one anime show and showed really positive feedback. Anime is the fastest developing culture in the modern world, and OKOKU will be the first company that will create a platform dedicated to that culture. We strongly believe that this platform has enormous potential and we are first to execute this idea. Essentially the OKOKU collection is a GENESIS collection in respect to the platform.

Evidently, a large amount of money generated from the collection for the platform would go to the artist herself/himself (60%-70%). We would use other funds to pay for our programmers, to pay for more marketing, and further invest in the project. Essentially, we will be funding the artist, marketing, programming, investors, everything is provided by the OKOKU team, the only thing artists have to do is impress our community with their skills. This way we would give outstanding talents an opportunity to be recognized by the people who really share an interest in their talent, additionally, these unknown artists would make money from collections that could really help them in their personal lives.


With the community, we would build we would already have people supporting us and funding to really develop a professional platform. Evidently, we are focusing on making an anime platform! So anime is a humongous industry, the market size value of the anime currently sits around 25 billion dollars, forecasts say that by 2028 anime industry could double in size and have an evaluation of 50 billion dollars. A lot of people are interested and new individuals join in on anime every day. There are even more artists in the anime space that are so talented but not known. With NFT space progressing at this rate and the anime fanbase growing we think we can really create something great here, where people can show their talents, where collectors can find pieces they are interested in, and also help artists in their private lives by giving them a percentage of sales.

That is truly what we are about, giving other artists opportunities in the NFT space while creating a platform for the fastest developing culture in the NFT space.

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