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Each Punkdroid has a message for you to uncover.

In said message; comes a piece of encrypted information that can be a phrase or multiple numbers. These messages you will have to solve to know the answer to several riddles that the collection hides.


All messages are valuable, even if it doesn’t look like it. Each letter or number hides something. They are not in numerical order. Remember that these messages can be funny, annoying, even a single letter, the latter extremely rare.

Have fun with these first few Punkdroids that are already revealed and be ready for when the rest of the collection drops.

How does the game work?

This game has been designed in a way that you always win. Remember that to discover each puzzle you will need the information that each Punkdroid has. If you want to collect them that´s perfect, but to win the game you must know each puzzle.

I give you an example. You buy the following Punkdroid 0001, 0002, 0003. You get the message from each of them and you keep looking for the answers. Someone will necessarily need your Punkdroid to continue playing. So you will already have a profit margin on your investment.


If you reach the end of the game there will be great rewards. The first one to decipher all the riddles will get a Punkdroid that was thought to be extinct. Punkdroid 3000, whose price will be estimated at about 10 Eth and will be yours completely free in addition to some other surprises.

The game is a cycle, if you participate and know how to play your cards well, you will recover your investment.

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