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The most detailed NFT on Solana

is a brand that was created inspired by the Terminator movie name. We are a project that is being built in the Solana blockchain and our main goal is to bring this brand into a P2E (play-to-earn) mobile game developed by us. Despite having the development of the game as our main goal, we also seek to build the friendliest and biggest community in the Solana NFT space.



This is a collection represented by 6666 NFTs combining many different traits to create an exclusive one, which allows us to generate over 22 000 000 unique combinations. All these unique pieces of digital art will carry the same depth of character from concept to the smallest details. There will be many different rarities applied to the collection which will be randomly generated by a script, combining the different traits previously built, into a unique piece.

At the moment, the team behind social media is revealing 6 of the rarest Solminators on Twitter. Check them out here.


Recently, we have closed a deal with SolSea marketplace to launch and sell our NFT collection on their platform! You might be wondering, why did you choose SolSea? It’s fairly simple. SolSea gave us the opportunity to be one of the first projects to launch on their new launchpad (Volcano). This will bring much more awareness to our project rather than launching on any other website.



At the moment, we have a team made up of around 17 elements in which each one represents a role and a goal. The team itself revealed its identity very early to guarantee that we are legit, we want to give as much confidence/trust to the community, and as a result, the main participants are fully doxxed on the website.

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