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The Angry Frogs Famiglia

The Angry Frogs Famiglia “AFF” project was founded on the revolutionary concept that an NFT can be a collection of cutting-edge ideas. The project combines art, mining, staking, gaming, and Metaverse into a single project.

The Angry Frogs Famiglia “AFF” takes a business-oriented approach to establishing a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders (Angry Frogs Famiglia NFT owners, Metaverse visitors, workers, investors).
The Angry Frogs Famiglia “AFF” is a 10,000 NFT project. Each unique NFT is made by running four different algorithms to create three different groups: business, gangsters, and citizens.

The Angry Frogs Famiglia

When you buy the NFT, you can stake it to generate a fixed number of daily tokens. It’s also possible to make more tokens by combining the original Angry Frogs NFT with the GPU NFT, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
Angry Frogs
Angry Frogs’ vision is to create an open world in which anyone can participate and be rewarded based on their skills and how they use them while in the Metaverse.

The AFF Metaverse is not exclusive to those who own AFF NFT. However, AFF NFT owners receive exclusive benefits and priority treatment within the AFF Metaverse.
The AFF Metaverse will enable collaboration, communication, and interaction in the digital world and provide the opportunity for everyone to share their real-life (IRL) experiences. Not only will all participants be filled with joy and happiness, but they will also be compensated for their participation.
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