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The Apiens

The Apiens is a community-focused Web3 startup creating blockchain-integrated clothing for web3 enthusiasts.

The world is continuously changing, and everything is going to connect with the internet, with clothes already being one of them. We are on a mission to produce “NFTs- integrated merch” for Web3 enthusiasts.

The Apiens

The Apiens mission is to “create a compelling blockchain-integrated wearing
experience for crypto- native people”.

The Apiens main vision is to have “blockchain-integrated clothing == Apiens”.
vision and mission.

The Apiens long term aspiration is to build an ecosystem that allows users to:

1. Buy rare and exclusive NFC Integrated merch from the Apiens

2. Earn commission from merch sales.

3. Have access to our partner brands to build a business.

4. Have exclusive Discounts with partnered brands.

Apiens ecosystem

The Apiens prime directive is to build a thriving ecosystem that offers products and
services whilst creating effective incentives around them. The fundamental
components of our ecosystem are Cloth3 (BIC), EDU3, and HELP3.

The Apiens

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