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The Bear Collective Universe

The Bear Collective (TBC) universe and environment are filled with amazing bears.

Starting out with Genesis Collection, Pandas. Players can explore, complete quests, run businesses, and have casual fun within the game. The universe has a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they earn in the game through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.
The bear collective
There are plentiful game experiences that one can expect with other varying mechanics that will be introduced further down the pipeline. There are plans for expanding the PvE environment as well as players can compete in friendly PvP which will aid them in completing varying quests and achievements, reward them with coveted resources as they journey to unlock in-depth storylines.
The Bear Collective is structured as an open-world exploration with a focus on casual adventures and social interaction. TBC NFT assets can be seen as entry tokens that grant access to all current and future experiences, built on top of the TBC platform.
TBC core team will build functionality for the game assets associated with the TBC brand in concurrence with the community. The TBC universe must be fun above all else; only by having an engaging gaming experience can the platform attract enough players to accrue value to the network.


TBC aims to reward players for their time and engagement that is spent on both playing and growing the ecosystem through Bear Currency Tokens ($BRCY).
TBC is a 100% player-owned platform with a real money economy. 99% of all in-game transaction fees go into the game economy while 1% is sent to our reserve.
The Bear Collective team will be holding 34% of all $BRCY tokens which will be diluted over time.
The Bear Collective Community

Players can look to earn $BRCY tokens organically through

  • Participating in events in-game
  • Completing game quests and achievements
  • Trading in-game
  • Home and land investments
  • Gaining access deeper into the world where rewards are increased

$BRCY will be hosted on various DEX in the initial stage with Uniswap confirmed. Exploration with CEX is currently in progress.

All Bears are tradeable on any open peer-to-peer marketplace such as OpenSea.


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