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The Bionic Era

The Bionic Era is a collection of 3333 high-quality 3D art NFTs for people who want to engage with a community of successful entrepreneurs, investors and wealthy people in real life and Metaverse.

Every NFT is made with a touch of futuristic fashion of 2030s available up for grabs. Benefits like staking will allow holders to earn passive income, 5 figure giveaway funds already invested in the project and much more to come.

The Bionic Era

What is the pinnacle of human evolution?

The technological advancement and evolution of our species has led us to reform into our latest state Bionic Era. These Bionic Eras, the most evolved species, are connected with the latest technologies and opportunities in the world which makes them a very exclusive community.

Due to the development of Web 3.0, Bionic Eras have proved that our species can be completely independent, wealthy, and respected individuals unlike the centralized world of Web 2.0 and the old oppression system.


Bionic Eras is a community that sticks together and advances beyond other species to the greater decentralized metaverse. Meet and party with famous influencers, celebrities, investors, billionaires through joining the Bionic Eras Club. A limited and exclusive collection of 3333 pristine NFTs created by exceptional designers. Every Bionic Era is unique and something you definitely want to own, period.

Main Objectives

Our number one priority is to provide high-quality fine 3D art to the holders. Then what we want to make is a 2030 styled species that help each other to grow and make the world(or even Metaverse) a better place to live in. Next comes the floor price, we have limited the amount of NFTs and not made it a 10k collection because it is easier to maintain a good floor price and high royalties that will go to our supporters and community organizations. And last but not the least, we want to make a very passionate and confined community of ambitious people, investors, entrepreneurs, and ultra-wealthy.

Benefits and utilities

Exclusive networking opportunities with ultra-wealthy and successful people. Flipping to 3x, 4x, 10x, or even 100x and making money on your initial investment. Extravagant private parties between members of the community, networking in the Metaverse, creation of NFT METAZONE a community group for you to exchange between NFT enthusiasts/connoisseurs. Breeding your Bionic Era later in Season 2 if you have at least 2 Bionic Era NFTs. VIP access to the newest drops from the project. 20000 USD will be donated to humanitarian associations during the reveal and much more to come along the way!

The Bionic Era



Something is disturbing the biology of a small part of our humanity. The people
who think differently than others become special. They became BIONIC with a clear
vision of the system and what they have to do. The BIONIC ERA STARTED. They
started to project themselves in the WEB 3.0 and went out of the system.
BIONIC ERA lands to flood the networks. Deployment of 3333 units is underway.
3333 humans became aware, bionic and started to conquer the Metaverse.


That’s it! We have conquered the networks and Web 3.0. Our community is growing
The bionic influence is omnipresent on the networks. Nobody understands what is
going on. Due to this influence, people start to think differently and want to join the
new era movement. Don’t be too late!


Join our group of elite entrepreneurs and investors for a chance to win free NFTs
and WL spots through a RAFFLE system that rewards the most dedicated BIONIC
ERA soldiers.
You may have the chance to win whitelist access to our collection. Enter the bionic
Every day our discord will be animated by our team and we will propose contests
in order to win a whitelist spot!


Bionic Era continues its conquest across the world. Be ready to see us in Times Square. In discord you will be able to meet thousands of people like you! Be ready to make real and strong connections with entrepreneurs, investors, artists, athletes, etc… You will join the BIONIC force and build a strong community. Our army will conquer the WEB 3.0 and the metaverse. Our focus is to create a strong community in the long run.


BIONIC ERA OVER THE WORLD Paying out the rewards to the Holders. The most engaged Bionic Humans will be rewarded with a whitelist spot during the launch of our Season 2, which will approximately be 4-6 weeks after the official launch.

Public mint will be on March 29 with a mint price of 015 ETH


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