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The BookMakers NFT Collection

The Company behind the project is a global iGaming brand with more than 11 years of expertise within the Gambling and Betting industry. It is a trustworthy Sportsbook and Gaming B2B and B2C software operator that supplies the world-known casino providers, bookmakers, lotteries, and betting organizations on the regulated markets since 2011.

At this stage of our NFT project, we decided to keep the name of The Company in secret. The mystery of the Company behind the project will be revealed entirely according to the Roadmap. Be patient!

The BookMakers NFT Collection

What about the Mission?

The mission of The Company is straightforward yet difficult. Probably, there’s no one that hasn’t dreamed of earning money while enjoying their hobbies. The Company makes these dreams come true while creating a platform that affiliates people and organizations devoted to the Sports industry.

Along with that, we aim to become the number one leader within the global Gambling industry. The Company supports and provides sports lovers and companies with the most efficient, up-to-date solutions and products:

  • Whitelabel solutions for Online Betting and Casinos
  • Sports betting software (mobile, eSports, Cashout)
  • Retail & Wagering Solutions
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Sportsbooks Software
  • Sportsbook iFrame
  • Sports betting Widget

The quality of the services is the primary indicator of their efficiency and value. Another indicator is the value that customer gets. The Company does its best to increase the wins of clients by developing its own mathematical algorithm for risk management. Over the last 11 years, the mathematical formula has been continuously improved, advanced, and modified by our skillful professionals.

These efforts have made the algorithm trustworthy and precise ever. In addition, it allows The Company to handle the security of 1 million bets daily, enabling the customers to end the month on a positive revenue. Sounds impressive, right?

Market Growth Predictions

The world of online betting is changing dramatically, paving the way for its further development in the following years. The market is now valued at $67 billion and is expected to reach $93 billion by 2023, rising at a rate of around 11.5 percent per year. This expansion is being driven by two distinct tendencies.

Firstly, more of our activities are taking place online, a trend that covers the betting and gambling industries. Secondly, regulations are being eased. Finally, in May of 2018, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which legalized sports betting nationwide. Since then, more than a dozen (including Nevada) have begun to adopt, bringing the state total to 25.

The Most Popular Online Betting Activities

There are a few distinct kinds of online betting activity. The casino is a large one, accounting for 32% of all online betting activity. It seems that conventional casino games, such as blackjack, provide the same pleasure when played online. Bingo’s popularity is far lower, at 4.5 percent.

However, sports betting is by far the most popular activity, accounting for more than 40% of the whole online betting market — and the $66 billion in value it represents. Summing up, the Gambling Business is expected for tremendous growth in the next few years, suggesting unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs and gamblers simultaneously.

Have you ever imagined the product at the intersection of crypto, gambling, and even… metaverse? Fortunately, with The Company, even the wildest dreams become true as its mission is to open the first-ever sports betting shop in the metaverse!

The decentralized Blockchain system is used in many industries to increase security and efficiency. Here’s how Blockchain may enhance Sports Betting Software.

Blockchain Security

Sportsbooks must ensure that their betting data is protected and that all bets are paid quickly. Blockchain automates corporate processes by executing smart contracts that self-execute when specific criteria are met. The event’s compact system is understood and performed at a fraction of the cost.

Blockchain improves security, reliability, data security, and transparency. Using cryptocurrencies reduces payment processing costs. This reduces the Sportsbook’s profits while increasing players’ chances of winning. After the smart contract resolves the bets, the monies are in the better’s wallet for withdrawal instantly.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing programs that eliminate the requirement for a centralized party, allowing transactions to be executed correctly. The betting data is encrypted using blockchain technology.

The betting program protects data integrity while being shared openly. This prevents tampering and improves data flow. The method compensates data providers while saving operators money. Cryptocurrency is a major advantage of employing modern technology for betting software.


The main issue of sportsbook bettors is that outcomes are partially censored or obscured. The blockchain can solve these difficulties. The distributed ledger records all occurrences, not a single central authority. Everyone participating in a transaction/event is documented. Transparency encourages more individuals to wager. The bettor receives all wins automatically.

Unlike banks, blockchain does not need third-party verification to complete transactions, allowing crypto payments to be withdrawn and deposited without the need for laborious proofs and validations.

Smart Betting

Blockchain solves the largest problem for bookies and gamers. Players usually put money into their accounts to place wagers. Payments are made by the consumer, business, and payment gateway.

Payment gateways are required for all withdrawal requests. Payment gateways earn their fees before customers do. While Blockchain Cryptocurrency results in increased client payments and improved operator profits.


Smart contracts show betting results. Using established analytics channels and more trustworthy assessments, bettors may improve their odds. A tamper-proof ledger records and tracks bets and rewards. This allows bettors to replicate their bets.

Escrow funds are transmitted directly to a digital wallet, and deals are conducted instantly using smart contracts. Smart contracts provide automated risk management techniques. A wager may only be placed when the liquidity is sufficient.

The BookMakers NFT Collection

Probably, there’s no one that hasn’t heard about the “Peaky Blinders”*. The passion for this award-winning TV series has transformed into this creative and unique NFT collection. The collection consists of 7,777 unique intangible ERC-721 tokens. Each bookmaker (NFT) is a unique ERC-721 token stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Bookmaker (NFT) acts as your community membership and your key to The Office. Use it as a pass to become the irreplaceable part of The Company. The Sportsbook & Casino and The Office’s access will be immediately revealed after the 100% NFT sale.

Owning a Bookmaker (NFT), unlike other betting and casino NFTs, instantly makes you a partner of The Company run by a team of incredibly skilled betting and casino specialists.

*Disclaimer: This project is unrelated to the television series “Peaky Blinders.”

So, What’s In It For You? Utility and Benefits

As there are more NFT purchasers than ever before, we thought, why don’t we just build the project that complements our existing business, serves a clear purpose, and delivers actual utility to its holders. What if NFTs are more than just a piece of art or a collectible? That’s precisely the path we’re on, and we’re delighted to share our story with the world. By being the first crypto casino & sportsbook to start a utility-focused NFT project, we are making our own piece of digital renaissance history.

Benefits of Bookmaker (NFT)

Each Bookmaker is more than simply an artwork; it is also a unique membership that entitles holders to advantages and services that will grow over time.

All Bookmaker holders will receive monthly rewards based on 30% — 55% of The Company’s generated profits. Each month on the 5th, rewards will be delivered.

Access to the Office

Every Bookmaker holder will have access to The Office solely as a member. The Office is where all Bookmaker holders may see the company’s current monthly revenues, earnings, and personal rewards.

Additionally, you’ll get access to:

  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Exhibitions
  • Parties around the world and in the metaverse
  • Metaverse sports betting store

Specifications and Rarity

Each Bookmaker is a one-of-a-kind, algorithmically created NFT with over 200 traits. All Bookmakers are exceptional, but only eleven of them are Legendary. Our Legendary Bookmakers are the rarest in the collection, hand-picked by the team to demonstrate “The Family.”

The Bookmakers are stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.


Each Bookmaker is unique, with varying degrees of rarity. Therefore, your share of the rewards will be determined by the rarity of your Bookmaker. The higher the rarity of your Bookmaker, the more rewards it will yield.


Take a look at the straightforward steps of the Bookmaker NFT project launch and promotion.

The BookMakers NFT Collection

Future collections

Our second collection will be called the Junior Bookmakers consisting of 7,777 unique NFTs. These are:

Every bookmaker holder will be alliable for a Junior Bookmaker simply by holding one female and one male. Pretty simple, right? Wait for it!

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