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The Golden Gorilla

The Golden Gorilla Speakeasy is a rare NFT collection of 10,000 Golden Gorillas.

Why a gorilla? Because they are more than six times stronger than a human, and even still, they are known to not be dangerous unless provoked. Our goal is simple, to create utility where our holders profit and do good for the world.

We utilize over 300 hand-drawn traits, so the rarity of each Golden Gorilla is as high as possible. Each GG NFT is rare and unique, giving holders access to our exclusive private speakeasy and many other benefits and utilities.


Humans abandoned earth a millennia ago. Evolved primates occupy the planet ruled by a soulless totalitarian, global regime. Voicing an opinion or distrust in the government is punishable by a life sentence in worker camps. Recently rouge archeologists have discovered a treasure trove of artifacts from the 20th and 21st centuries. These artifacts have begun to spark creativity and the yearning for freedom. These rouge gorillas created a hidden speakeasy to share their spoils with other like-minded gorillas.

This banned knowledge from centuries ago is shaping an underground culture of freedom and creativity. If the Primate Republic of Earth’s government discovered these artifacts, they would destroy them all. The golden gorillas are stewards of this forbidden knowledge and have pledged their lives to keep it safe.

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