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The story of BentoBaby

As many people know, bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal of Japanese origin.

But what makes it practical is that it contains a divider that separates the ingredients and dishes; this is to avoid them affecting the taste of the actual meal. We decided on bento because it reflects our view of the world now, where each country belongs to each compartment, where regions are divided by countries and come in different sizes in landmass. However, when we consume a bento, we tend to munch the food together and relish the combination of flavors in our mouths. Even though countries separate us, we all want the beauty of each other food and culture.


As for baby, it may sound cute and cheesy to a certain extent. But to us, it is the epitome of a child’s innocents, and we believe this relates to many of us. Our mother would prepare us a lunch box for school when we were young. Or, it could be as simple as experiencing comfort food cooked by your loved ones for the first time. We believe it brings back great memories of our past and stories that we would love to revisit. While we are all grown up now, moving towards a future we envision, nothing beats the familiarity of home-cooked food or the local cuisine that we are proud of that gives us a sense of pride.


With Bento and Baby combined. It is about our past, present and future, the identity of who we were and moving towards a more exciting end of globalization and how it shaped us to be who we are today, just like how cryptocurrencies and the invention of the blockchain have created a more decentralized world. At BentoBaby, we believe in uniting the world through this little cute bento box with various food worldwide, and our NFT collection is just a vehicle to make it happen.


About Leira

Leira is the founder and artist behind BentoBaby. Her idea comes from her love of experiencing new food, traveling, and meeting people worldwide. She is the lead illustrator of one of the biggest gaming media in the region, with nearly ten years of experience in design. Her interests are in digital imaging and customized pet portraits.

What is our NFT collection all about to you?

Our collection consists of different traits of food around the world.

Our pipeline and road maps.

While we have many plans in mind for our community, we are also open to suggestions on how we can continue to support the community and stay true to our vision and dreams. We will reveal our roadmap on discord.

We are looking forward to chatting with our community in our discord group while following us on Twitter for the latest updates. See you soon!

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