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Unapologetics Apes

U-APES are a collection of 5,000 Unapologetic Apes NFTs—each with their own unique characteristics living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Unapologetic Ape acts as your membership to the U-APES Community, and gives you exclusive access to member’s only Merch, Airdrops, Unapologetic City metaverse, upcoming Events, and much more.

Unapologetics Apes

All Unapologetic Apes are uniquely derived from over 160 traits. Each trendy and distinctive ranging from facial expressions, clothing, eyewear and more.

Unapologetic Apes live as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. You have sole ownership and commercial rights of your NFT.

By using your MetaMask your Unapologetic Apes NFT is your key to the exclusive benefits being a member offers.

Unapologetics Apes



— V1 Unapologetic Apes mint is live

— Acquire nodes and begin the once-a-week raffle distribution of nodes. The 1st nodes will be $Strong and $Fire nodes.

— Prepare for the launch of the 1st Ape crate subscriptions. Get your exclusive crate of Unapologetic Ape-themed gear.


— Intensified marketing, including reaching out to prominent fashion brands for collaborations.

— Merch Store to open for UAPE holders. (The clothing line is separate from the Merch Store)

— Continued marketing to build brand awareness

— Sneak peek of Unapologetic City

— Preview of U-Apes Clothing line

— Hiring within the community for various positions


— Unapologetic City developers and prototype finalized.

— V2 Airdrop exclusive to holders

— First drop from the Clothing line


— Unapologetic City goes live

— Claiming of condos in Apetopia Palms begin

— V2 Road Map released


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