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Vending Machines NFT

The project has many great ideas and plans to continue rewarding VMN investors. This community will embark on many projects together generating a steady income from limitless possibilities that blockchain technology allows. NFT Collections should only be there to benefit its holders and not only creators! This is a real project with the sole purpose to reward its community!

Vending Machines NFT

To accomplish this “ever giving rewards” concept, we have established the following strategies:


The project sets the mint price at 2 Avax. In the Avalanche NFT space, this is considered to be high. However, we have very good reasoning for it as our goal is not to sell NFTs, but to form a community and create a utility to benefit its holders.

As soon as you mint this NFT, you will start earning rewards. 10% from mint sales are shared with minters. The earlier you mint, the higher rewards are going to accumulate as the minting progresses. Investors’ ROI starts here!

With this function, your investment of 2 Avax is already cut down as more mints come in. Essentially, your average cost per mint drops with each new minter.

(Case study: 5 VMNs minted at early stages have already generated around 3 Avax from only 10% minted of the collection. So in essence, purchasing 5 NFTs for 10 Avax already returned 3 Avax in rewards. This made the cost of one VMN to be roughly 1.4 Avax instead of 2!)

If the cost to mint was 1 Avax, you can see how it would affect the floor price due to rewards returned from the initial mint price. This would really hinder our next reward strategy.

1.5% from sales is being shared with holders. This can easily be claimed right on our own marketplace. We see that Avalanche lacks a go-to marketplace, so we have built our own and the royalties from our own marketplace will be shared with our holders!

[ Average monthly traded volume on new Avax NFTs: 40000 Avax — 1.5% = 600 Avax. 600 / 4444 = 0.135 Avax per VMN ]

As the volume goes up, this return increases and is a nice bonus for our Holders to continue benefiting from believing in the project.

These are just perks and bonuses. The real utility lies ahead:

Development of our own Metaverse on the Avalanche blockchain.

30% from mint sales are being used for the community to develop in the metaverse! As we said, our project is unique, and we will prove it here! Not many projects are giving back in a big way for the community.

With the Metaverse as our end goal, it creates a lot of opportunities for the VMN community to capitalize on. VMN holders will own lands in this metaverse, as well as have priority access on all future NFT items that will be created for the metaverse!

Vending Machines NFT


Q4 2021

  • Start Project Vending Machines NFT, 4444 Unique VMNs at the corners of the Avalanche blockchain ✅
  • Set up website, social media platforms, and kickstart marketing campaign to introduce VMN to the public ✅
  • Put smart contracts on the Avalanche network and start the creation of a marketplace ✅

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

  • Start the testing of our Metaverse, release infographic videos and materials
  • Release NFTs for the Metaverse and as always Free Airdrops to VMN Holders
  • Develop $VMN coin Tokenomics, staking and farming, form a DAO.
  • Install Vending Machines in the Metaverse to vend items!
  • Distribute lands to VMN holders from our own Metaverse
    (one of the biggest utilities of this project)

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