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Yeti’s an NFT Collection

Carefully crafted from a pool of 100+ traits and attributes, each YETI was sculpted by industry-influential artist Max Ryan.

Screw 10k Collections; small supply of 3,333 introduces real exclusivity. Rarity plays a large part in the collection, too. Try your best to unlock a 1% Yeti and you’ll be the talk of the mountain!

No matter the color, clothing or attitude, YETIS stand together in unity to rebuild the earth. Each Yeti has its own unique style, along with a rock-solid mentality and ethical basis. Now, it’s up to you! Recruit your Yeti. Give it a name. Join the Pack

Yeti's an NFT Collection

Yeti’s story

Arctic meteors have struck the earth, wiping out their human counterparts. I watch the tall Oak trees gently sway from side to side in the cold breeze, overlooking the fractured, empty buildings of The City. Small snowflakes softly land upon my body, before instantly dissolving into nothing. I notice the smooth sound of friction, growing louder and louder. I turn around and see it, gliding elegantly down the mountain…a skier? It can’t be. As it slides past the fallen cables, it comes into view. The YETIS are here!

WL — 0.03eth — 18 Mar

Public — 0.05eth — 19 Mar


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