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Cryptobots: the first P2E game from 2017

Cryptobots is a really ancient project by the standards of the NFT space.

It was launched in 2017 and was the first ever Play-2-Earn crypto game. The NFT Classic Cryptobots collection was one of the first on Opensea and is still very popular with those looking for great potential benefits, as it still trades very low compared to other historic NFT collections (i.e. Cryptopunks, Cryptoskulls).

A new page for the game was opened in the summer of 2021, when the team decided to rebuild the game. At that point, the team was approached by well-known crypto-investor Konstantin Lomashuk, who had bought the rarest cryptobot back in 2017, and offered to create a new game. A new partnership was formed with Playneta, which created the 2017 game and currently has over 100 million downloads of its traditional mobile games, Lomashuk and Alex Pavlov — creator of the famous battle RPG game Age of Magic.

The new Cryptobots game was supposed to feature cryptobots battling, fusing spaceships to engage in spaceship battles and forming clans to conquer planets and build businesses on them.

As the team saw the shortcomings of Axie Infinity’s economy, they decided to focus on creating a sustainable economic model that should solve the major problems of modern p2e games.


One of the main problems with games being released is the unrealistic size of the APYs offered to players, which can be as high as 100-1000x and can only be offered thanks to a ponzi-style economy in which the APYs of old players are redeemed by new players and which breaks down when there is not enough new users coming in. Cryptobots plan to offer only realistic APYs supported by sustainable in-game economy mechanics such as power creep (inflation of old NFTs — new Cryptobots will always be slightly better than old ones), which will make people actively play and buy new Cryptobots to win battles even if you are an old player, zero-sum games where there is damage to losing Cryptobots that must be repaired and repair fees go to winning side and more.

The Playneta team also has vast experience in mobile marketing, which it will use to attract users from the traditional mobile gaming space to its new Cryptogame with an easy registration process and 100% mobile experience. 

Another goal the team declares is to make the economics of the game geared towards the interests of gamers rather than token speculators — thus, the team plans to introduce innovative Treasury and Governance token management mechanics to extract value for gamers rather than speculative investors through a flexible reward and token consumption model.

Cryptobots: the first P2E game from 2017

Above all, there are plans to gradually transform the game from Play2Earn to Play&Earn. The team aims to create a game that players will enjoy playing and will be willing to spend money on cosmetic improvements to their game characters, pay to win and have fun playing. Just like traditional games.

The game will be released very soon — the testnet will be launched in June and the main network in the next couple of weeks. The testnet is being promoted through the most valuable in-game reward — the opportunity to win lands. Lands will be used to create in-game business and will be the most valuable asset in the long run. In addition, lands are usually the most valuable NFT in all games, and meta-versions tend to increase in value as the platform evolves. Genesis Cryptobots is available on Opensea

Testnet users will be able to gain a significant amount of Lands as a result of winning a Testnet tournament. 

The whitelists for the Testnet «Battle of the Lands» tournament are almost run out, but Newsker.com users will be able to grab one last chance to participate by getting one of 3 WL spots on Cryptobots Twitter. Take part in the giveaway! 





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