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The Wize story begins in the Fall of 2021 where a group of likeminded and passionate people gathered together in order to decipher the NFT & Metaverse mania that was brewing for some time especially on the Elrond Network. This established the motivation to dig deeper and discover something never heard of before in order to be brought up to life.

Our scope is to design a complete series acting as a walk through from Concept Art to 3D Model resulting into a usable product. The 2D Origin Series will be launched as a beautiful but simple and of effect design without the unnecessary objects or items just for the sake of diversity. This Series shall not be just another copycat of well-known projects. The 3D Series will feature key elements based on each faction providing future utility for the Metaverse Integration.

Our vision is to build a brand capable to deliver bespoke services for Metaverse Integration of Characters based on NFT Series. The large extent of knowledge and skills cumulated within this team is more than enough to tackle this challenge. This doesn’t mean collaborations and partnerships are excluded. Quite the opposite. The Elrond Community provides immense support.

Wize Wolf giveaway

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