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The Defiants Alpha Contest

The Defiants launching the Alpha Contest to find the best of the best NFT project analyses powered by the community and curated by the team of NFT experts!

Every analysis that team decides fits criteria wins one Defiant NFT*.

Submission reports that don’t fully meet our criteria will be considered for whitelist.

*One NFT max per contestant.

What will you do?

  1. Create a fundamental analysis on the NFT project you believe is an alpha.

What’s the format of the analysis?

Here’s a template we prepared for you to use or get inspired from.

Use it as a guide*. You’re free to add your own points.

*Keep the analysis to 1.5–3 pages in length.

Who can join?

This contest is open to anyone who is an NFT enthusiast or professional.

We welcome all submissions.

The content isn’t exclusive for Defiant NFT holders at this time as we want everyone to contribute and get a sense of the great research and insights we are building in our community.

The Deefiants contest


  • 1 free Defiant NFT per submission that we select;

Start, End & Duration:

Starts on April 2nd and we’ll run the contest up until the 6th of April.

Submit your report by 1pm EST the latest to be considered for the contest. If you submit later than 1pm EST, we’ll consider your submission for the next upcoming contest.

Winners will be announced on the following Thursday and we’ll reach out to you through your contact info.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes. You can enter with multiple submissions while the contest is running.

How are winners chosen?

Our team of expert NFT analysts will review submissions and will pick up to 5 NFT analysis reports.

We’re looking for your approach and critical thinking when you evaluate a project + the potential of the project you analyze.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your reports!



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