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ECHORUN is the first NFT collection dedicated to anti-gravity racers.

ECHO/RUN is the first-ever NFT collection fully focused on 3D anti-gravity racers (RUNNERS) and is built around a complex, custom design pipeline.

Each NFT collectible is presented as a full 360° animated turntable for maximum appeal and visual detail.

The project draws inspiration from fictional futuristic anti-gravity racing throughout media, such as WipEout™ and F-ZERO™, whilst completely maintaining it’s own identity and vision.

Behind the project stand two friends, both looking back on a vast experience in the VFX and Motion Design industry.


In the near future, racing fanatics around the world are seeking out new thrills at high-velocity tournaments, the most notorious of which is known as ECHO/RUN — with cross-border races between several continents and offering multiple seasons.


Recent advances in gravitational technology allow for reaching a new realm of hyper-velocity on ground level. Only the most skilled pilots are allowed to enter these runs, entirely aware of the insane risks of entering and surviving the run.
EchoRun roadmap


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