ДомойNFTSqadland, the first web3 restoring our Planet

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Sqadland, the first web3 restoring our Planet

Squadland will be the first-ever project to join the MoonStarter incubator.

What does it mean? Thanks to its unique experience in the market, MoonStarter is in a great position to support and accompany the Squadland team throughout its launch process.


About Squadland

Squadland is a Move-to-Earn mobile game which incentivizes players to move in order to earn tokens.

In the game, players own and maintain NFT lands where they can perform physical activities. These NFT lands match with real lands that have been overused because of past human activities and that players are going to restore thanks to their healthy actions in real life.

Lands will therefore be the key elements in Squadland. The land rarity and level of equipment will define how much players earn during their physical activities. Owners will be able to rent out their lands and share profits with the tenants.

PvP mode will be available where squads of players will challenge each other to earn tokens.

In order to track players’ physical activity, Squadland relies on the tracking and motivational technologies provided by Squadeasy — an awarded B2B application, used in 98 countries and translated into 12 languages, which encourages co-workers’ physical activity for both increasing their well-being and decreasing their companies’ carbon footprint.


Running on Polygon, Squadland relies on two tokens:

  • O2 is the utility token that players will burn while playing the game. It has an unlimited supply and will be used to create a squad, upgrade lands/equipment/squads, and repair lands.
  • SQUAD is the governance token. It has a supply of 5 billion tokens and will be required to customize lands/squads, upgrade higher level lands/equipment/squads, and participate in governance decisions.


In terms of rewards, players can earn:

  • O2 by doing physical activities (walking, running or cycling)
  • SQUAD by staking their tokens
  • SQUAD by doing physical activities on higher-level lands

For more details, please refer to the whitepaper HERE.



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