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Welcome to the Phunky Fungi Forest

Welcome to the Forest…

Welcome to the Phunky Fungi Forest

Phunky Fungi is a movement.

We are a community that stands for good vibes & friendship.
A movement that will catapult the growth & adoption of Web 3.0 together as one.

The Phunky Fungi is a collection of 9,200 unique companions that will lead you on a majestic adventure into the metaverse. The journey starts with good karma, funkadelic threads, psychedelic surprises and so much more that you will discover on your trip…

As we dive farther down the rabbit hole, holders will be invited to the forest… a universe of endless possibility and psychedelic experience. This experience is intended to heal and enlighten, opening your mind to the beauty and potential of Web 3.0.

Now grab a spore to join us on an endless trip into the metaverse where physical meets digital…
where possibilities are infinite… where art, culture, and community melt into one.

Enjoy the trip.


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Positive deeds, actions, and intent fuel us with the right energy needed to embark on our never-ending journey into the metaverse. It is important for us to kick off our magical adventure with a gift that will provide healing for friends lost in the dark.

As a community, it is our duty to facilitate exploration into uncharted territory in all aspects of life. We are voyagers and explorers.

We’d like to ensure the progression of psychedelic exploration to heal the soul and mind. Thus, we’ve donated an initial gift to the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research and have pledged 6 figures toward psychedelic research and psilocybin therapies following our mint.

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Deep in the Phunky Forest, the Fungi (with the help of Flowercheyld and Disrupting Nirvana), have been working on a physical collection of elevated pieces and objects to bring into the physical world. Legend tells the tale of a shop located deep in the Phunky Forest containing this physical merch. The location is only known by Phunky Fungi and their holders.

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The Phunky Forest is a universe that will start as a single-player experience filled with psychedelic vibrations and harmonizing beats for members of our colony to enjoy with their Phunky Fungi. As AR & VR capabilities become more readily available we will be expanding the forest into a fully immersive universe with endless possibilities.

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift in which the minutes of our lives spent in the metaverse will soon outweigh minutes spent in the physical world. This is exciting and scary all at once. As humanity transcends into this new meta we must create a sanctuary that encompasses all things positive in the universe.

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are an incredible way for our community to help create value and increase the benefits of being a holder of a Phunky Fungi NFT. Just like a spore, most good ideas need resources to ensure growth. The ultimate goal of our DAO will be to provide funding to our community so they can turn ideas into action.

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In the minds of many… the power of automation, computers, and artificial intelligence can be viewed as a threat to our society. The Phunky Fungi community seeks to reframe that narrative and prove the power of tech can be used to further strengthen the human connection.

Our goal is to facilitate a strong bond between like-minded people via AI built into your Phunky Fungi. Your Fungi will learn about you through inputs, responses and how you interact with the world around you. They will store this data in their Mycelium Network which will be used to connect you with fellow members of the community in an innovative and social way within the metaverse.

This new meta-social experience will be designed to create friendships that will transcend the metaverse and foster real-life connections.

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As a colony, we are always looking to grow and expand. Sometimes it is best to divide and conquer to reach our highest form. In order to continue the Mycelial Expansion, we will be creating a Web 3.0 incubator. The goal of the incubator will be to provide a team of our spores with the knowledge, funding, and resources to go out and create a project of their own. A healthy mushroom colony is one that provides abundance to all life within it and around it.


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