ДомойNFTWhat are Whitelists and how to make money on them?

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What are Whitelists and how to make money on them?

What are Whitelists and how to make money on them?

Whitelists include people who get early and guaranteed access to freshly released NFTs on a specific day and time, which can then be very profitable.

For example, the Prime Ape Planet NFT project launched at a mint price of 0.25 ETH (excluding gas fees) and jumped to 2.3 ETH on the secondary market two days after the launch. It turns out that the one who got on the initial sale almost 10 times increased their investment.

So how do you get on the coveted whitelist?

1. You need to find a good project.

2. Join the Discord channel of the project, where key actions take place: getting to know the team, drawings, and an action plan, a link to the discord is usually indicated on Twitter.

3. Meet the eligibility criteria.

After being accepted into the list, you need to provide the address of the crypto wallet.

If you are whitelisted, then you have the opportunity to sell the whitelist before the start of the mint. Just keep in mind that often a whitelist is sold along with a discord and mail account. The sale of whitelists takes place on OTC exchanges with the participation of escrow.
If you decide to mint nft, then follow how the project develops and what is the price of the floor. For example, the price of the project Prime Ape Planet rose to 3.5 ETH but now it costs 0.62 ETH only.

What are Whitelists and how to make money on them?

Why create whitelists at all?

Everything is very simple. This is beneficial for both the creators of the NFT project and ordinary people. Everything is done to attract attention + the guys must actively move in the life of the community (interact with participants, attract new friends, etc. ).

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